Faster, more efficient web browsing

If you are like me and spend a lot of time on the net, you might as well become more efficient at it.

A good way to start is to use Firefox, and install some handy extensions. Yes, its free and yes, its easy to do.

Some extensions I use at the moment are:

Ad Block plus for filtering out ads (makes pages load faster)
* Download helper for downloading videos off Youtube etc
* Undo closed tab helper so I can right click > undo closed tab if I accidentally close a tab (If you’re not using tabs, start right now by pressing Ctrl-t)
* Bug me not. This is great, when I get to one of those annoying sites that makes you get an account, I right click on the sign in form and select “log in with bug me not”. Bug me not is a website where people sign up to such accounts and make their username and password public so others can use them. This extension works better on some sites than others. Works well on but I have not yet successfully use it on yahoo groups.
* User Agent Switcher. I use this so that I can change what browser I appear to be using. Useful when I view a friends website and I don’t want them to know it. They log all views and I’m the main one who uses Firefox. So I use the User Agent Switcher to change my user agent to Internet Explorer, and hey presto my friend doesn’t know that its me.
* Add n edit Cookies. Just out of interest, I keep an eye on what websites put on my machine by way of cookies.


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